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Updates & Notices

Checkout Page - Delivery Location

The checkout page now forces a delivery location. If the location is a Forest Lawn facility in the Coachella Valley, you can pick it from the dropdown Facility option. If the location is "Other", then you must specify the Facility Name, the Delivery Street Address, and the Delivery City.

Express Ordering

A new page has been added to the system - "Express Ordering". This page shows a table with all of the catalog items by SKU (Catalog ID) and Name with thumbnail images and a search box. You may find this an easier way to locate items. Whether you locate items this way or in the conventional way, the results are the same.

My Account
  • The "My Account" page no longer shows a sidebar, instead all of the space is devoted to content.
  • The "Upgrades & Notices" section now displays under the "My Account" information, and not on sidebars which are displayed while browsing the catalog.

  • "A" numbers and Web Order numbers are now displayed.
  • Active & Recent Orders now displays orders placed by any counselor. Currently active orders are shown in green, and orders already delivered ("completed") are shown in gray. "Web Relay" orders are Forest Lawn Flower Shop web orders.
  • When orders are displayed, they now show all delivery details.

It is now possible to specify colors without having to write a special instruction. Just select the Colors option, which defaults to "As Shown". All the popular color options are specified. In the unlikely event a special combination is required, simply select "Custom Colors" and a field will be displayed where you can describe what colors are desired.

Placement Flowers

All placement flowers now have an option to specify whether the flowers should be delivered without a container (wrapped), with a disposable cemetery cone, or with a simple glass vase. The choice has no effect on item pricing.


Items which feature photographs now allow uploading of the image file during ordering.

Service Times

First Service times may now be specified on the half hour as well as the hour.

Message Form

The Message form now displays all orders by order number and decedent name in the Order dropdown field for ease of cross-referencing.